1. What is our main objective / goal? 

    We want our customers to be able to buy products that are at very low prices in high quantities with a very low shipping cost. With that said we bring the lowest prices for products that are valued much more. And you might be asking well what is in it for me? Well, its hard to find prices that match ours. So you are in good hands! 

  2. What kind of shipping do we use?

    We basically use the best shipping in your region, what this means is that we look for the fastest most efficient way to ship our products to you. Companies we have used are FedEx, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, etc... 

    *Standard Shipping & Handling - 15-30 Days / Tax Included
    *Express Shipping & Handling - 8-15 Days / Tax Included

  3. How long before we ship out your item?

    Once you pay for your order, we will process the order within 1-7 Business days. Please allow us to process your orders for at least 5 days before emailing us about your orders. That way we don't waste your time by you emailing us about your order! :)

  4. How long will shipping take?

    Depending on the product you order or how many products you have ordered we have calculated our shipping average time. We would say for most to expect to receive your items within 10-20 Business Days

  5. How & why is our products at such great prices?

    We are a group of student who are trying to create a e-commerce site with items we can find that are very affordable to our customers. We have connections with manufacturers all over the world, so we cut through all the nonsense fees that customers pay for.

  6. If I buy in large quantities do I get a cheaper price? 

    Yes, please contact us through our website chat or email found in the contact u page. We are here to negotiate with suppliers as well. 
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